-- Repair and technical services of diesel engine locomotives, marine and locomotive engines.
Production Company UNIVERSAL Ltd. Is a specialist company for all types of repairs and technical services and updating of diesel engines which are used as motors for locomotives, dump trucks, river and marine boats, power stations, drilling rigs made by KolomenskyZavod, Penzadizelmash, VolzhskyZavod named after Mamins, ZavodMalysheva and diesel locomotive building plants LudinovskyiZavod, Bryanskyi Machine Building Plant, Lugansky Diesel Locomotive Building Plant.

-- Repair and restoration of power gas/water turbine equipment.
Restore up to nominal dimensions and shafts polishing (with length up to 4 meters) of different types, units: crank shafts, hydro transmissions, compressors with the use of plasma spraying as well as repair of power, gas/water turbines with the use of laser cladding in situ without costly assembly-disassembly works and transportation. We offer for delivery diesel-electrical units with power 750 KW ( 750) designed for installation in permanent power stations supplying three-phase current 6300V, frequency 50Hz, climatic modification 1 as per GOST 15150.

-- Changeable spare parts, special tools and accessories.
We offer to the railway enterprises and power generating plants the wholesale and single supplies of wide range of changeable spare parts, special tools and accessories for engines, locomotives as well as diesel-generators after overhaul. We provide consultations in statement of requirements and guarantee quality, competitive prices and timing of goods delivery with suitable transports.

-- Components and assembly catalogues, specifications and technical documentation.
We sell the electronic catalogues of components and assembly units on all major types of diesel engines and locomotives as well as repair and operation documentation, reference books, rules, technical conditions, norms, standard instructions, manuals, etc. on the railway subjects.

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